Things to do with your Pet

Can't vacation without your pet? Not a problem! We have 3 units on our rental program that are Pet Friendly. You may only bring 1 pet with you that is under 30 lbs.  We have 2 units that are ground level which are pet friendly and 1 unit located on the 7th floor. Our pet friendly units are: 110, 111, 702. We do charge an additional $250 pet fee when you bring your pet, unit 702 requires an additional $200 pet rent plus the $250 pet fee to the association. The following areas are places you can take your pet so they can enjoy themselves as well.
City of Panama City Beach Designated “Pet Friendly”Areas Sunrise to Sunset
Pier Park Beachfront “PCB Dog Beach” (400ft West of City Pier)
Aaron Bessant Park (Amphitheater & PCB Greenways & Trails)
Frank Brown Park (Dog Play Area & PCB Greenways &Trails)
PCB Conservation Park (Boardwalks, Greenways & Trails)
  • Please use these designated areas at your own risk and obey all rules and regulations
  • Owners are responsible and liable for the actions and behavior of their dogs.
  • Owners must clean up after their dog(s) by placing waste in the proper disposal stations.
  •  Make sure your dog is current on its shots and wears I.D. tags.
  • Do not bring female dogs in season or dogs younger than 4 months old.
  •  Dogs must be kept on a leash at all times.
  • Dogs and owners creating a problem must leave when requested.
  • Dogs with history of inflicting injury in public parks must wear a muzzle or will be prohibited.
  •  No food in bowls or long-lasting chew toys
  • Never leave your dog unattended or with children. Adult supervision required at all times!

City of P.C.B. Ordinance #1857, #1216,Resolution 07-09 Report Concerns to PCB Parks and Recreation Department (850) 233-5045

The Conservation Park integrates two fundamental principles which remain a continuing focus for local government and community. The desire to protect and balance our natural resources while providing outdoor recreational opportunities is the driving force in establishing the Panama City Beach Conservation Park. The 2,900 acres of the West Bay Ecosystem is being protected by the management and utilization of the City’s reclaimed water to rehydrate wetlands. The natural water balance in these wetlands was altered many years ago as tree “farming” became predominant in the area.  

Dog Beach at Pier Park. When standing in front of the city pier (on Front Beach Rd), the dog beach is located on the right side of the pier. Dogs must be kept on-leash. This is a great spot to allow your dog to enjoy the worlds most beautiful beaches also. Please do keep in mind that this is the ONLY PET FRIENDLY BEACH in Panama City Beach. If you do bring your pet with you to vacation you are not allowed to bring it to the beach located behind Treasure Island.
The Frank Brown Dog Park (new and improved June 2015) with 2 fenced in off-leash dog playgrounds, one for the high energy larger dogs and one for the older, slower big dogs and smaller dogs.
We also have more than two miles of dog-friendly green-ways and trails, which serve as the trail-head for Gayle’s Trails.
Get out there to the park with your pups! Please be aware that you must clean up after your doggie, waste stations are available. Please  be considerate of others  and if your puppy make a mess, pick it up ! There’s always other dogs to play with if your animal gets along with others!